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The University Graduate Fellowship (UGF), is a ministry under ZAOGA Forward In Faith fulfilling the vision of Apostle Ezekiel Guti to groom over 2,500 undergraduates and postgraduates into God fearing leaders of society through on campus ministry, outreach programs, and other activities. We are in all major universities across the nation, and are beginning to make a mark internationally as well with Forward In Faith on Campus in RSA and Namibia. F.I.F University Graduates Fellowship (U.G.F) formerly known as Postgraduates’ Fellowship, a ministry which was started through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to the Archbishop and the Founder of ZAOGA F.I.F Prof. E. H. Guti in 1991 with the first university on board being Zaoga society at University of Zimbabwe, now called Zaoga on Campus across all university campuses in Zimbabwe, South Africa & Namibia

We are there to cultivate and nurture disciplined, faithful, God fearing
and hardworking graduates premised on the motto ‘ FEAR NOT SIN NOT”
who are champions of the “Go Yee Therefore” Commission and joined
together by the first commandment of love.

  • Righteousness, faithfulness and fearing of God
  • Zero tolerance to compromising the doctrine of Christ in any way
  • Committed to winning of lost souls and working missions
  • Committed to prayer.

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  • To win graduates to the Lord through the preaching of the gospel and
    other such programs.
  • To compile an active under & postgraduates database to help in
    missionary & tent making for the mother church.
  • To maintain the values and integrity of the ministry & church.
  • To train and nurture undisputable, focused and learned leaders.
  • To leave a substantial ministerial inheritance for the future generation.
  • To bring to fellowship persons from different social, ethnic, economic and
    spiritual backgrounds.
  • To equip Christian students with business leadership qualities.

• Evangelism
• Hosting
• Fellowships
• Praise and Worship
• Ushering
• Security
• Health
• Information and Publicity
• Functions & Fundraising
• Catering

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